Pre-K and Kindergarten Tuition

PreK and Kindergarten 2016/2017 for Tuition Rates 


Parishioner                                                                                 Non-Parishioner

Full Day – $3150.00 ($315.00/month)                                 Full Day- $3350.00 ($335.00/month)

Half Day – $2750.00 ($275.00/month)                                 Half Day -$2950.00($295.00/month)


There is a ten month tuition payment plan for our Pre-K3, Pre-K4 and Kindergarten students. The first tuition payment is due on July 1, 2016 and the final payment is due April 1, 2017. There is a $25.00 late fee assessed if tuition payments are not made on the first of each month (there is a five (5) day grace period before the late fee will be applied). Payments can be mailed to the rectory or placed in the tuition box in the rectory office. Also, a $25.00 returned check fee will be applied to any account whose check payment is returned.


Please be aware that since space is limited in our pre-school, unfortunately, we have to turn many families away. When families enroll and then withdraw just prior to the start of school, we are left with gaps which we must fill since provisions have already been made for that child. Therefore, in order to properly maintain our program, we must retain at least a portion of tuition monies prepaid even if the child does not retain the space in the grade. Consequently, one month of the tuition will be non-refundable if you decide not to have your child attend Our Lady of Calvary School.


Admission Slips will be required for the first day of school indicating that all tuition (July, August and September) is paid prior to the first day of class. Also, Parent Communication Folders will not be released unless all tuition and fees are current.


Tuition Delinquency – Any family whose tuition account reaches two (2) months delinquent at any time during the payment schedule, may face financial suspension. If financial suspension is imposed, the student will not be permitted to return to school until all tuition and fees are paid in full.


Please be advised that if we have not received the July tuition by July 15, 2016, we will assume you are not retaining your child’s classroom position and we will fill that spot with a child who is on our waiting list.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call Debbi at 215-637-7515.

1st thru 8th Grade Tuition

1st thru 8th Grade 2015/2016 Tuition Rates 

In-Parish  (Contributing):

One Child        –    $3,300.00 ($100.00 annual)*

Two Children  –    $3,800.00 ($200.00 annual)*

Three Children –   $4,100.00 ($300.00 annual)*

*Plus $520.00 annually in Church support ($10.00 per week)


Out-of-Parish (Non-Contributing, Non-Catholic):

One Child   –      $4,300.00 ($100.00 annual)

Two Children –   $4,900.00 ($200.00 annual)

Three Children – $5,800.00 ($200.00 annual)


As we begin our enrollment process for the new school year, we would like to take this opportunity to explain a few important factors with regard to this tuition payment process.  It is most important to note that all tuition payments will be handled through the rectory. 


Prior to the conclusion of the current school year, 2016/2017, a tuition packet for the new school year will be sent home to each school family enrolled here at OLC containing ten (10) envelopes for each of the ten payments in the school year’s schedule, beginning July 1, 2016  By the fifteenth of each month beginning in July, these envelopes should be returned with the month’s payment to the rectory by either of the following methods:

  • Place in the Offertory at Sunday Mass.
  • Bring in to the rectory.
  • Drop off at the locked box at the rectory.  (This box will be checked frequently each day.)

Under no circumstances are tuition payments to be sent in to school. 


Receipts for any CASH payments will be sent home through school.  These receipts should be kept at least until the end of the school year to eliminate any payment discrepancies.


Unfortunately, we must assess a $25.00 late fee for any account whose payments reach five (5) days delinquent.  This late fee is not meant to punish or place an undue burden on those families who may experience a short-term difficulty, but is necessary to stress the importance of meeting this financial commitment in a timely fashion.


We will continue to enforce the tuition policy as in past years, which will be reiterated in the communication packet in late August or can be explained at any time by calling the tuition coordinator at the rectory office.


Hopefully most of our families will be able to continue to make the sacrifices necessary to stay here at Our Lady of Calvary School.  Please feel free to search out various scholarship providers who support private schools.  This information also can be found on the Internet, i.e., Children’s Scholarship Fund, P.S.A.S. (formerly BLOCS), etc.


Most importantly, as the primary reason for choosing Catholic school is the faith training and sacramental preparation of the children, for those families who simply cannot meet the increased tuition and must choose an alternate course for academics, please be advised that we have a wonderful Parish Religious Education Program (P.R.E.P.) for parish children who do not attend Catholic School.  These children receive religious education, preparation for their sacraments, and are also eligible to play sports and participate in any of the other extra-curricular activities our school has to offer.

Tuition payments are an investment in your child’s education and religious formation.  The tuition and fees for Our Lady of Calvary are developed and approved annually, by the pastor, school principal, business manager and a member of both the financial advisory committee and parish council.  It is their responsibility to ensure that adequate financial resources are available for the school and that enrollment is available and as affordable as possible to all families.


The following policies are in effect for tuition and fees:


Tuition Payment


All payments are due the 15th of the month beginning July 15th and ending April 15th.  Of course, you may pre-pay your account however you like; but please be mindful that a $25.00 late fee may be assessed on all accounts that reach five (5) days delinquent.  Tuition payments can be made by placing the payment and coupon in the Offertory at Sunday Mass, brought in to the rectory, or dropped off at the locked box at the rectory.  Under no circumstances are tuition payments to be sent in to school.


Tuition payments should be made by cash, check or money order.  Please be advised that payments made in cash will not be issued a receipt at time of payment.  Receipts will be prepared and sent home through school by the end of each month.  Also, a $30.00 returned check fee will be applied to any account whose check payment is returned.  Any family whose tuition payment check is returned will be placed on cash only (or money order) going forward.


Please Note:  Admission slips for the first day of school will be attached to the Parent Communication Folders once July and August Tuition has been paid by the 15th of the month of August.  Please be aware that Parent Communication Folders will not be released unless all tuition and fees are current.    We are very sorry to have to impose this rule on the many families who conscientiously meet their financial commitment, however, we cannot admit children into school before tuition and fees are current.


Tuition Delinquency


Any family whose tuition account reaches two (2) months delinquent at any time during the payment schedule, may face financial suspension.  If financial suspension is imposed, the student will not be permitted to return to their classroom until all tuition and fees are paid in full.    A student whose account is in arrears may not be allowed to take final exams.  Any 8th grade student with tuition or fees due will be denied participation in graduation ceremonies.  After June 1st, 2016 families who continue to carry an unpaid balance and have been chronically late throughout the current school year may be asked to consider an alternative to private school.  Religious education classes (P.R.E.P.) are available here at OLC for children in public/charter schools.   No report cards or other official school records will be released for any student until all financial obligations are satisfied.


Late Payments


All payments are due as stated above on the 15th of the month.  If payments are not received by the date due, a late fee will be assessed.  All families are responsible for meeting their tuition obligation to Our Lady of Calvary on a timely basis.  Should you have difficulty in meeting your tuition obligation, it is your responsibility to notify the Pastor or Business Manager so that special arrangements and adjustments to your agreement can be reviewed.


PLEASE NOTE:  If fees are applied to an account, they will be taken from the next payment and the balance applied to the payment amount due.  LATE FEES WILL NOT BE WAIVED.  They serve the purpose of assuring that payments are made on time.  Families truly experiencing a short-term financial hardship must keep in communication with the rectory and the financial administrators who will assess the matter and work with the family to get current.


Church Support & Scrip


Families living within the parish boundaries receiving the Family Rate of tuition must be current with their Church offerings ($10.00 weekly for the 2016/2017 school year from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017).  Two reviews are conducted during the course of the year to administer the church support portion of the tuition policy.  Families who are delinquent with church offerings will be required to make up their church offerings prior to the end of the school year or be changed to the higher, non-contributing, amount of tuition.  Families also must be active with the SCRIP Program with a minimum annual purchase amount of $100.00.  Certainly those families living outside the parish boundaries are welcome to support the parish and the school as well; however, we cannot adjust the rate of tuition which depends on residency.


Refund Policy


For students who withdraw from Our Lady of Calvary, tuition refunds will be issued on a monthly basis.  If a student withdraws prior to the first day of school, the entire tuition amount paid (minus the enrollment fee) will be refunded.  Tuition is required for any month in which a student is in attendance regardless of the number of days.  Refunds will be issued only for those months there was no attendance providing an official request for transfer or withdrawal has been received.


Tuition Assistance & Grants


Our Lady of Calvary has a limited amount of financial funding to offer tuition grants to qualified students whose families demonstrate financial need.  To be eligible to receive financial assistance, a family must:  1) have a parent or guardian that is Catholic; 2) be an active member of the parish; 3) live within the parish boundaries; and, 4) own or rent your own home.  Also, the family must attend Mass, be involved with the SCRIP program and the student be in good academic and disciplinary standing.  Applications are available in the Rectory office during the school year when a family experiences a short-term financial difficulty.  After the review and evaluation is completed, a letter stating the amount of the award will then be sent to the family. 



If, at any time, you have questions regarding the tuition policy, please feel free to call the rectory at 215-637-7515.

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