Dear Parents/Guardians,

On Monday, September 14th, a booklet of postcards will be sent home with each student, including complete directives, to ask family and friends to consider getting involved with the program and using  throughout the school year.

By completing this booklet (full or partial) you will be helping us meet our goal of acquiring air conditioning for our classrooms and raising funds to reasonably expand our school with needed classrooms.

The postcards will be sent out by the company, along with a brochure of items, as well as information about the many stores involved, e.g. Sears, Target, Walmart, Disney Store, Best Buy, PetSmart, GAP, Foot Locker, Game Stop, to name a few of over 400 merchants.  A complete list can be found at and your SCRIP gift cards may be used.  Our school will receive $2.25 for each completed booklet (11 postcards) and up to 50% on all paid orders.

On May 9th, there will be a Grand Prize drawing from entries from all participating schools for the following:

1) A $100,000 Playground for the school 2) $10,000 for the family of the winning entry & 3) $5,000 for the homeroom teacher of the winning entry, for classroom needs.  It may be a long shot but with a school our size, each student receives an entry for returning the postcard booklet PLUS an additional entry for each completed postcard! J  The students will see a brief video about the program and the prizes they can win by participating.  Our school deadline for handing in the postcard booklets is Monday, September 21st.  We truly appreciate any effort on your part to assist us in this endeavor.

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