School Policies

Homework, which includes both written and study assignments, reinforces learning concepts already presented in the classroom. Assuming the responsibility of completing homework is part of the maturing process of the growing child. Parents are to foster systematic study habits in their children (consistent time and place daily) and require neatness, accuracy, and completeness before approving their work by signing it daily. (The importance of chores: “When children are expected to make contributions to the family requiring sustained effort and sacrifice, they learn how to display these same qualities at school. They also get the practice they need to eventually display these character attributes at work and in their marriages.” Dr. Charles Fay: From Bad Grades to a Great Life.)


Students are not permitted to do homework in school without the permission of the teacher. When absent, students are to have a “study-buddy” to assist with information that has been missed. When calling in an absent child, homework may be requested if you intend to pick it up or have it picked up: Before 3:30 — At the Workroom; after 3:30 — CARES program in the gym or school basement, until 6:00 PM. Suggested time allotments for homework are: 30 minutes for Grades 1 and 2, 60 minutes for Grades 3 and 4, 90 minutes for Grades 5 and 6, and 120 minutes for Grades 7 and 8.


Students in Grades 3 to 8 use a regulation Homework Assignment Copy. It is imperative that all homework assignments be placed in it and that it be in the possession of each student in every class throughout the day. Parents are to check it daily for notations from teachers. Backup information regarding homework/grades may be found on the MSP (My Students Progress) website for Grades 1 to 8.


Homework negligence is unacceptable. Homework that is incomplete, incorrect, or not done will also be noted in the Homework Assignment Copy. Points will be deducted from the report card mark of the subject areas neglected for each instance of negligence. Chronic offenders will do their homework during lunchtime or their gym period.

  1. Parents are required to report their child’s absence to the school office before 9:00 AM. This can be done by telephone (637-1648) or by a signed note brought in by the absent student’s brother or sister.
  2. When a student is absent, a note must be presented to the teacher upon the student’s return, stating the date(s) of the absence and the reason. This note must be signed by a parent or guardian. Notes are required and kept on file for one year.
  3. Students are not to leave the school, or school property, at any time without permission from the Principal.
  4. For a student to leave the school early, a note is required and an authorized adult must report to the office to pick up the student.
  5. Students are late if they are not in homeroom on time. All students should be in school by 7:45 AM to adequately prepare for the day ahead.


In order to minimize disruption of the school day, parents/guardians seeking to meet with teachers must have a prior appointment and must first report to the school office when going to that appointment. In an unusual circumstance, those without an appointment must make this known when arriving at the school office.

In order for each student to enjoy the best possible learning environment, Our Lady of Calvary School requires its students to conduct themselves in the manner of young Christian ladies and gentlemen. Behavior that contributes positively to the creation of a productive and supportive learning environment will be rewarded (Blue/Gold Days, Scholar Dollar Day, Dress-Downs, etc.) Behavior that detracts from this environment or shows disrespect or disregard for the well being of others will be subject to appropriate consequences. Both reward and correction will be based upon a point system that will help determine the trimester mark. Students in Grades 3 to 8 will begin each trimester with 100 points. Point deductions will be based on the following:

Minor Infractions (Demerits): Grades 3rd and 4th (3-point deduction) and Grades 5th to 8th (5-point deduction) for each minor infraction.

  1. Minor misconduct at any time, in any place
  2. Homework violation
  3. Chewing gum at any time or eating anything outside of lunch/recess without permission
  4. Dress Code violation
  5. Failure to have parent/guardian sign infraction notice

Major Infractions (Detentions): Grades 3rd and 4th (5-point deduction) and Grades 5th to 8th (10-point deduction) for each major infraction.

  1. Serious misconduct at any time in any place
  2. *Harrassment of any kind, e.g., sexual, racial, emotional, physical
  3. Lying, cheating, plagiarism, forgery, stealing or immoral conduct
  4. Inappropriate language (spoken/written/printed); writing, sending, and/or receiving notes
  5. Possession/uses of any electronic, battery operated, or cellular devices (Cell phone – if brought to school must be handed in at the beginning of the day. If not turned in, the phone is confiscated for three school days, and a half day suspension results).

Suspension (20 points) may be served at home or in school, for more than one day, depending on circumstances.

  1. Open defiance, willful disobedience or disrespectful actions toward designated authority.
  2. *Bullying, hurtful teasing or taunting, directed toward anyone. (Includes cyber-bullying, e.g. Social networking sites like Facebook, which exhibit any anti-social behavior that is brought to our attention.)
  3. Physical harm to anyone; threats to that effect, said or spread in any way, and brought to our attention.
  4. Vandalism, defacement, or damage to school property or the property of others.
  5. *Truancy or leaving school grounds or the classroom without permission.
  6. Dismissal
  1. *Possession, use, sale, or distribution of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and/or any other controlled or dangerous substance.
  2. *Possession or use of a weapon of any kind (anything which may inflict serious bodily injury or harm, and anything readily capable of lethal use).
  3. *Students are encouraged to report any behavior by other students that disrupts their academic or personal development.

Numbers 6 through 10, if grave, may result in a suspension or dismissal if the situation warrants it. Serious misbehavior outside of school that identifies Our Lady of Calvary (school uniform, Internet, etc.) may also be subject to serious consequences. Infractions will be noted in the Homework Assignment Copy. They are to be signed by the parent(s)/guardian(s) and returned the next school day. The reason for the Infraction will be number-coded (as per the numbers given above). Detentions will be served at Noon. You will be notified by phone regarding suspensions/dismissals. Chronically disruptive students will not be permitted on class trips.

Students failing conduct (1) at the end of the school year, may return in the Fall on probation. They are expected to improve within the First Trimester or thereafter in order to avoid dismissal. Our Lady of Calvary School reserves the right at any time to amend or add to the policies, rules and regulations contained in this handbook, and to make such changes applicable to current and new students when the situation arises.

GIRLS: Uniform – navy jumper, navy straight-leg slacks, or navy skort (no more than one inch above the knees), with a white turtleneck shirt or powder blue, long or short sleeve blouse or polo shirt which must be tucked in at the waist unless it is banded. A navy pullover sweater/fleece, cardigan or vest is to be worn over the blouse, polo shirt, or turtleneck. Knee socks and pantyhose (with jumper or skort) are navy. Shoes are black and white, light-soled saddles, or Keds School Days Leather Saddle Sneakers, or solid black non-scuff sneakers, or docksiders in navy or black. Hair is to be neatly groomed and tastefully accessorized. Hair coloring, accenting, or streaking, make-up, nail polish, dangling, hoop, or multiple earrings (one for each ear only) and ankle bracelets are not permitted. Jewelry must be minimal. No more than one bracelet, and no thick chains or leather chokers. Headbands must be solid and subdued in color with no extensions.


BOYS: Uniform – navy, straight-leg, non-baggy pants, a white turtleneck shirt or powder blue long or short sleeve polo shirt which must be tucked in at the waist unless it is banded. Navy pullover sweater/fleece or vest, may be worn over the shirts. A dark-colored belt must be worn with the pants (Grades 3 to 8). Shoes must be black, light-soled tie shoes or non-scuff, low-rise, solid black sneakers. Hair must be neatly combed, conservatively cut, trimmed to the top of the collar, above the eyebrows, with ears totally visible, nothing distractingly trendy and no hair coloring or accenting. Earrings, beads, and thick chains are not permitted. No more than one bracelet.

Pre-1, Kindergarten and Pre-K students wear navy gym uniforms (sweats and shorts sets) purchased at Flynn and O’Hara.


WARM-WEATHER UNIFORMS: (Worn on days that are 70 degrees or above). (Girls and Boys): Navy blue, Bermuda-length shorts or skorts (girls only) no more than one inch above the knees, black or navy belt (Grades 3 to 8) powder blue, short sleeve uniform polo shirt with “Our Lady of Calvary” monogram. All-white crew socks — 2 inches above the shoe top — (no ankle socks), and all-white, low cut, tie sneakers.


GYM UNIFORMS: (Girls and Boys): “Calvary Comets” sweat suits or short sets only. Gym uniforms are purchased in school and worn on designated gym days or special occasions, including class field trips. They my also be worn on days when the temperature is 85 degrees or above. Non-scuff sneakers (completely laced and tied) and socks are worn with the gym uniforms. No other “Calvary” sportswear is acceptable.



  1. Parents who are picking up children at dismissal are to park in the area of the basketball courts and wait until the students going home in lines are safely out of the way.
  2. Students are not permitted to walk by Rush or Fitzpatrick Schools.
  3. Students who walk home must leave school in their designated lines. These lines are not to be changed without the permission of the teacher or the written directive of the parent/guardian.
  4. For reasons of safety, and out of consideration for the property of others, students must line up in twos and remain that way until they are crossed at the corner.
  5. Parents driving children to school are requested to pull into the basketball area, remain in a single line, drop the child(ren) off, and continue in a “U” turn out of the parking lot. We strongly recommend that you do not walk your child(ren) into the building because adults in and out pose a safety risk. Also, we want to avoid situations in which other children are led to wish that their parents could do the same for them.
  6. Do not drive into the parking lot on the convent side for the safety of our “walkers.”


VERY IMPORTANT: Drop-off and Pick-up on Kipling Lane is prohibited by the City of Philadelphia since the “No Parking”signs that have been there have been disregarded. There will now be signs that read “No Stopping/Parking – Tow-Away Zone.” The ONLY Drop-off & Pick-up area is the school parking lot (basketball courts). To facilitate these new directives, students may be dropped off as early as 7:15 AM and school safeties will escort the Pre-K 4 year olds and Kindergarten students to their classrooms. At dismissal, the Car Line students will be Line One.

Morning Drop-Off:

  1. Vehicles may not enter the parking lot on the convent side (before the Church sign). This is to protect those students who walk to school and enter through this lot.
  2. Vehicles may not park in the spaces in front of the rectory.
  3. Vehicles may drop off students in the area of the basketball courts by moving forward in a single line and allowing the student(s) in your vehicle to exit promptly as soon as you are near the rectory. Proceed in a “U” turn out of the parking lot and turn right on to Knights Road. (A left turn is illegal and drivers may be ticketed.) Do not walk your children into the building because too many adults in and out pose a safety risk. Going into school to conduct business means you would then park in the middle of the basketball courts so as not to interfere with the drivers in the “U” formation.

Dropping Off/Picking Up During School Hours:

Be very careful entering and exiting any part of the schoolyard for the above. Students are moving in and out of buildings during school hours and should feel safe when doing so. Do not park in front of the school or in the basketball court areas during lunch (12:00 to 12:45). At no time should any vehicle move through the parking lot in excess of 5 miles per hour.

After School Pick-Up:

All vehicles picking up students must be in the basketball parking lot by 2:30 since the Car Line students will be the first to be dismissed. (Please do not direct your child(ren) to go in a Walkers Line with the intention of picking them up along the way because the teachers walking the “walkers” cannot watch the lines and be aware of who may be picking up that child. It is too risky!)

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