Health and Guidance

Health & Guidance


A nurse is on staff to handle emergency situations, dispense medication, perform first aid, and help screen students periodically for vision, hearing, TB, etc. The Health Room is comfortable and well-equipped to handle most situations. Our staff is alert and abreast of new requirements and mandates concerning the health field. Several times during the school year, they collaborate with our Physical Education teacher to plan health or safety presentations for the students.


School Nurse- Ms. Kathy McAllister


CORA, an Intermediate Unit, provides formal guidance and counseling services at a trailer located on school property and at the main office. The school psychologist observes, interviews, and tests children right here in our school building. CORA fosters a positive self-image in our students, as well as a positive acceptance of others. CORA helps students with learning differences and/or emotional adjustment problems which hinder their learning progress and self growth. CORA also offers hourly sessions of Reading or Math remediation in the trailer to small groups. CORA is sufficiently equipped for guidance and counseling services for individuals, groups, or families. The personnel at CORA are available to assist our teachers with the guidance and direction to help them help our children.


CORA Staff- Mrs. Ginny Lenherr, Mrs. Trish Teti

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